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Title Year LaserDisc Release Date LaserDisc Catalog # Exclusive Content Non-Exclusive Confirmation
A Fake Pretty Woman (Zheng rong) 1995 ML 564
A Goofy Movie 1995 1996-01-03 4658 AS Original AR
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 1986 SF078-5121 Uncut
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child 1989 1989 ID7189ME Uncut
American Graffiti 1973 1998-10-13 42725 Original FX
Angel or Whore (Jiu tian xuan nu) 1990 ML 133
Article 99 1992 1992-12-23 ID2034OR DVD 2003
Bad Day at Black Rock 1955 1991-08-16 CC1265L Criterion Blu-Ray 2017
Beauty and the Beast 1991 1993-09-29 1325 CS Original AR
Beauty and the Beast: Work in Progress 1991 1992-11-24 1591 CS Original Cut
Bootsie Z0116
Brooba 1955 1993-08-25 PILD-7087
Brother from Space (Fratello dello spazio) 1988 1989-02-25 SF050-1553
Calamity of Snakes (Ren she da zhan) 1982 1990 OL-144
Cats Don't Dance 1997 1997-08-26 T6430 Original AR DVD 2016
Centipede Horror (Wu gong zhou) 1984 1988 W0015 H88
Clean and Sober 1988 11824 A/B Original AR
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Original AR/Cut
Cosmic Slop
Dances with the Snakes
Dances with Wolves Extended Cut DVD 2006
Dead Poets Society Extended Version
Dead Presidents Criterion
Death Weekend
Desk Set
Devil Curse
Devil Fetus Original Cut
Devil Sorcery Uncensored Cut
Dinosaur Island
Dr. Duck's Super Secret All Purpose Sauce 1986 1990 ID7483PA
Dun Huang Tales of the Night
Enemy Mine Original Cut
Escape from Coral Cove
Eyes of Fire
Fearless Original AR
Gator Original AR
George of the Jungle Widescreen
Gettysburg Extended Edition
Ghost House – A True Story
Ghost Story of Kam Ping Mui
Godzilla 1985
Golden Age of Looney Tunes Vol. 1-5
Grumpy Old Men Original AR
Hamburger: The Motion Picture
Hanuman Vs 7 Ultraman Japanese version
Hello! Who Is It?!
Her Vengeance Original Cut
Hollywood by Kevin Brownlow
In the Good Old Summertime
Invasion: UFO
It Came From Hollywood
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Extended cut/titles
Josh and S.A.M.
Jushin Thunder Lyger: Fist of Thunder
Just for the Hell of It
King Kong 1933 Colorized
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park Original Cut
Kitties & Puppies
Lady Battle Cop
Lady Master Snake
Last Man On Earth
Let It Be
Limit Up
Little Darlings
Little Hero Wins the Masks
Little Treasure
Liu Chai Ghost Story
Long Gone
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Men in Black Barry Sonnenfeld Commentary
Metamorphosis Original Cut
Miss Magic
Miss Right
Mr. Frost
Mystery of the Flower Widow
Nightflyers 1987 1993-02-11 LD 65169
Ninth of September, the Cursed Day
Our Town PBS
Planet of Dinosaurs Original FX
Prince of Tides Criterion
Rad 1986 1987-09-24 13085
Rakugo in English
Ransom Director's Cut
Red Heat 1985 Extended Cut
Red Spell Spells Red
Ringu: Kanzen-ban
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Criterion
Scream Director's Cut
Self Defense (Siege) DVD 2015
Seven Women
Shades of Blue
Sing 1989
Skin Striperess
Slipstream Widescreen
Solar Crisis Original Cut
Song of the South
Space Cargo: Remnant 6
Space Hunter Miki
Star Wars Trilogy Original Cut
Summer Camp Nightmare
Superman IV Extended Cut/AR
Sweet Home
Takin' It Off
Temptation Eyes
The Alamo Director's Cut
The Beauty's Evil Roses
The Charm of the Queen of the South Sea
The Chinese Ghostbuster
The Drifting Classroom
The Fruit Is Swelling
The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck
The Game Criterion - Alternate Ending
The Godfather Trilogy Chronological Edit
The Great Santini Original AR
The Keep 1983 1993-12-22 LV 1563-WS Widescreen
The Krays
The Long, Long Trailer
The Muppet Musicians of Bremen
The Rescue
The Silver Streak Original AR
The Thing 42654 Alternate Score
The Wizard of Speed and Time 1988 1990-04-03 ID7209SG
Third Stone from the Sun
This Is Spinal Tap Criterion Deleted Scenes
Thou Shalt Not Swear
THX 1138 Original Cut
THX Demo Disc
Time Runner
Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop (No hoi wai lung) 1995 1996 ULV3505
Twilight Man
War Party 1988 ID7113HB
Wavelength 1983 40185
The White Alligator/White Crocodile Queen (Ratu buaya putih) 1988 1995 ---
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988 1989 940 CS Uncensored
Z English Dub


Artist Title Year LaserDisc Release Date LaserDisc Catalog # Exclusive Content Non-Exclusive Confirmation
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Weld
Fleetwood Mac In Concert Mirage Tour '82
Stevie Nicks In Concert 1982 1983 PA-83-033
Public Enemy The Enemy Strikes Live