List of AC-3 RF Equipment

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Thank you to Tony Kwong for the original list.

A description of AC-3 RF demodulation: A Demodulation LSI for Laser Discs with AC-3 Audio


  • o = optical toslink
  • c = coaxial
  • 5.1 = set of 6 analog cables
  • 7.1 = set of 8 analog cables
  • db25 = 25 pin connector used for some AVR and AVP, but also with proper adapter converts to 6 or 8 analog cables.
  • 1394 = firewire, ilink digital connector
  • in = input
  • out = output

The most common listing formats of this list:

  • [manufacturer][model name/number](digital inputs, analog input, digital output, analog output)
  • [manufacturer][model name/number](digital inputs, digital output, analog input, analog output)

If the AC-3 RF connector is assignable as a coaxial digital connector that connector will not be listed as a coaxial in the i/o listing.[1][2]


Accepts AC-3 RF input from LD and outputs via a optical toslink and or coax type into your sound system.


LaserDisc Players with built-in AC-3 RF demodulators, for output to a processor or receiver.

The company Precision Laserdisc briefly sold demodulator boards that could be installed inside of a LaserDisc player, built by Sample Rate Systems of Finland.[3]


Accepts AC-3 RF input from LD and may output via optical toslink and or coax type, but also capable of digital to analog multichannel output (six RCA cables), which you input into your sound system.


AV receivers/integrated amps

Optional Add-Ons