Cabin in the Woods

It Was The Pioneer Days, People Had To Build Their Own Interrogation Rooms!

An episode of "Board the Windows"
Cabin in the Woods

What could be a better hideout from the zombie apocalypse than a disheveled cabin in the woods of dubious ownership? Theron and Jon don't have much time to answer, so they quickly find themselves in an ominous basement filled with haunted podcasting equipment and...a genie? Named Grant?

Check out the first episode of Grant's mysterious audio drama, "The Disappearances of Lydia Fountayne", and long running Let's Play series Chip and Ironicus.

Did you enjoy that pilot and/or Grant's sultry baritone? Pitch in to The Kickstarter of "The Disappearances of Lydia Fountayne"

Aching for the chance to finally see George Romero's 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead in a real honest-to-god movie theater? Dawn of the Dead 45th Anniversary Run

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Board the Windows Title Music: "The Living Dead" by Pete Mitchell with No More Kings

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