Z-z-z-ZOMBIES! World's foremost zombie movie authority Theron Seckington and coattail-riding website owner Jonathon Irons celebrate the decrepit, terrifying, and often illuminating zombie apocalypse genre.

Each episode features a discussion on one film, covering the content, technical aspects, historical context, and relation to the rest of the genre. Zombies are great monsters, sure, but they're also indicative of larger societal trends in which our collective fears shift and morph with the passage of time and political borders. Also brains.

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Diary of the Dead

Where Will You Be When The End Begins?

An episode of "Board the Windows"

Diary of the Dead

In this, our first episode, hapless and unassuming local guys Jon and Theron find themselves holed up in an abandoned farmhouse. Temporarily safe from the roaming undead, they settle in for a movie using whatever happens to be in the now dead family's DVD player... George Romero's 2007 found footage...