High Noon

It's all for nothin', Will. It's all for nothin'.

An episode of "The 305"

High Noon

Episode 7 - High Noon (Spine #7, CC1107L)
Published 10/21/2020
1952, Dir. Fred Zinneman
Featured Guest: Theron Seckington

The time was certainly right to watch High Noon, a thrilling film about a US marshal about to face an old nemesis, and desperately seeking help from friends, loved ones, or anyone willing to stand up for something. Hear about the film's unusual background as either communist propaganda or conservative fantasy!

Correction: John Wayne was president of the Motion Picture Alliance, not the Association. Prominent members included Gary Cooper(!), Cecil B. DeMille, Walt Disney, Irene Dunne, Victor Fleming, John Ford, Clark Gable, Hedda Hopper, Leo McCarey, Adolphe Menjou, Dick Powell, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, and King Vidor.

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