The 305 is a podcast series exploring every title in the Criterion Collection released on LaserDisc, from 1984 to 1999, in order of release. Criterion was the first company to introduce special features to home video, including trailers, critical essays, behind the scenes photos, and directors' commentary, and their releases have been referred to as "film school in a box."

Each episode will feature a guest, an intro to the movie followed by a break to watch the disc together, and ending with a discussion of the film, its place in history, and a determination of its worthiness in the Criterion Collection of "important classic and contemporary films from around the world."

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King Kong

Its thundering thrills will never die!

An episode of "The 305"
King Kong

Episode 2 - King Kong (Spine #2, CC102L)
Published 03/02/2020
1933, Dir. Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
Featured Guest: Tim Smyth - Stop-Motion Animator

In the second episode, we witness the 1933 special effects classic King Kong. Premiering on March 2nd, 1933, King Kong practically...