Diary of the Dead

Where Will You Be When The End Begins?

An episode of "Board the Windows"

Diary of the Dead

In this, our first episode, hapless and unassuming local guys Jon and Theron find themselves holed up in an abandoned farmhouse. Temporarily safe from the roaming undead, they settle in for a movie using whatever happens to be in the now dead family's DVD player... George Romero's 2007 found footage zombie film, "Diary of the Dead."

Despite the zombie apocalypse, Theron and Jonathon both think the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes should continue until the literal ghouls running the major studios accept their new contract! Tons of workers are walking the picket lines every day here in Burbank, and they would surely appreciate if you feel like chipping in a few bucks. The below links are to donate to emergency relief funds which provide assistance to entertainment industry workers, including actors and writers, who are unable to keep up with basic living expenses due to the production halt.

SAG-AFTRA Emergency Relief Fund
Entertainment Community Fund

And if you live in Los Angeles and want to lend your presence, you can join the picket lines! Every additional person puts more pressure on the studios by way of nudging public opinion.

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