The 39 Steps

Well, it's your funeral.

An episode of "The 305"
The 39 Steps

Episode 3 - The 39 Steps (Spine #3, CC1103L)
Published 03/12/2020
1935, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Featured Guest: Catherine Dvorak

Watch the full movie here.

With the third title in the Collection we have our first international movie, British master Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 chase thriller The 39 Steps. This movie caught the attention of famed Hollywood producer David O. Selznick, who would convince Hitchcock to come to America and become the widely revered director we know today.

Episode Notes: Although I was mistaken about Bond's use of a woman as cover during a train chase, using a parade as cover did appear in both Thunderball and Moonraker.

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