The Lady Vanishes

Well, confidentially, you're a bit of a stinker, too.

An episode of "The 305"
The Lady Vanishes

Episode 4 - The Lady Vanishes (Spine #4, CC1108L)
Published 03/27/2020
1938, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock
Featured Guest: Catherine Dvorak

With this episode we encounter the first movie that both viewers agree doesn't really to seem to fit in The Criterion Collection, despite rave reviews and box office success. This was Hitchcock's final film for Gaumont before transitioning to Hollywood, and according to many critics is the apex of his British comedy-thriller work, (though we found The 39 Steps to be a stronger contender for the title).

If you'd like to listen to the Truffaut/Hitchcock interview mentioned in this episode, in which Hitchcock seems amusingly dismissive of the film, you can check it out on youtube starting at 18:20.

This movie is available for streaming on Hulu+Starz and The Criterion Channel, or online at dailymotion.

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